Visa amnesty extension “unlikely” Embassies say “No more extension letters”

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With the visa amnesty set to end July 31st and no word about it being extended chances of being able to stay in Thailand longer gets slimmer by the day for “stranded” tourists.

No news from the government about any extensions and statements from Government officials that tourists would need embassy visa extension papers if they plan to extend their visas has prompted some embassies like German, UK and USA embassy to issue statements saying they will not provide any such letters anymore and their citizens in Thailand should look to leave the country by July 31st, extend the visas the normal way if eligible or risk arrest and deportation for overstay.

Immigration spokesman Phakkhaphong Saiubon said on Tuesday that another round of amnesty extension is very “unlikely” and that it is time for a cleanup and getting things back to normal.

So what can you do?

If you are here on a tourist visa or visa exempt entry you can extend that by 30 days but only if you have not done this already after your last entry.

If you are here on a tourist visa, visa exempt or non-o visa and are married to a Thai or have a Thai child you can extend for 60 days if you have not done so already since your last entry into Thailand.

There are also options to contact an agency and they can help you with the extensions but beware that this goes into the tens of thousands and there is a chance you would have issues later. Most likely it will be fine but if there is some power shuffle and someone steps on someone’s toes who knows.

I have been quoted 17k for a 90-day volunteer visa and 55k for the 15 months volunteer which would include 90-day reports and it takes 2-4 weeks to get it. There are also options for marriage visas etc…

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