ThaiFriendly review – how to date Thai Girls in 2024 update

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Dating in Thailand is always an adventure so here is a ThaiFriendly review to help with that. It is probably easier to find dates than in the west and one of the easiest ways to find some dates even before coming to Thailand is to try out the Thai Friendly website and start browsing and messaging Thai girls you like.

I would recommend signing up at the website first as it is free with some limits but it is easier and has more options and functions than the Thai Friendly iOS app the Android app which you can download later. It is easy to signup, has a clean interface with tons of users online at any given time.

All profiles have a lot of details and photos and there is a search function with a lot of filters so you can find your perfect Thai girl or Thai Ladyboy to take out on a night out in Bangkok and hopefully more.

Whatever you might look for from a casual meetup to some friends, people to show you around Thailand or maybe someone to teach you Thai or long and serious relationships and marriage. All this you can find at Thai Friendly and have some fun chatting while you search.

So lets dive in to my Thai Friendly review and you can see how to signup for a free account and how to become a paid member, how much does it cost, what perks do you get and is it all worth it.

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  • 2024* update – All the points in our original review are still valid and we have changed any information that has changed with the site. There is now about 400k more members so around 1.5 million members to choose from with 10s of thousands online at any given time. ThaiFriendly is still the biggest and in my opinion best Thai dating website out there with confirmed real members. I have met members of the site myself and can confirm it is 100% real.

Thai Friendly login and signup main page:

Thai Friendly main page main page shows some information about the site and gives you the option to login if you already have an account or signup for a new account using an existing Google or Apple account.

I like to keep my dating private and not share with anyone so I suggest using the ‘Continue with email’ option to not share any unnecessary info or mix it with any other private information.

Signup to Thai Friendly with email
Thai Friendly signup with email page.

Once you click Continue with email just put in your email address and then check you email for a new message and follow the instructions. Also if you forget your login username and password it is very easy to login just with the email and a code sent to your email address.

Main members area page:

TF main members area
Main members area page

Once you login you are greeted with a 100+ pages of girls that are online right now and a search function you can use to limit the shown Thai girls you want.

You can use the search function parameters like the sex you are looking for (girls, ladyboys, girls and ladyboys and men) then select and age range you are interested in.

Or maybe you only want to talk to Thai girls or Thai ladyboys in a certain city or even another country? No problem you can choose the location you want. Now obviously most members are in Thailand so for most results select a location in Thailand.

You like them young and with a little more meat on the bones? Again not problem at all you can search only people that meet you parameters like sex, location, age, height, weight, education and if they have any children or not.

This search function of course is only as good as the information the other members provided so there is no way to be sure you won’t be catfished so be extra vigilant.

One way to know that the people in the photos are really the ones you are chatting with is to look for the blue checkmark. This makes sure that the person confirmed their identity with a live photo/video and the system confirmed it is the same person. Don’t worry this is not like the 8$ Elon Mush twitter checkmark that you just pay for it 😉

Thai girls online Thai Friendly

Play section:

The play section that you can choose from the main page is more like the popular Tinder and other like it that use the like or not or swipe navigation. Here you can see one profile at the time and you can either like it or pass on it.

Thai Friendly play

This way of browsing is more like a game so it can be fun to see the full profile of a girl not just a photo so you can make a better decision if you like them or not then from just a small photo on the main page.

Mail section (messages):

Now this section is obviously the most important one as you will use this to communicate with other members and you can send them text messages, animations, GIFs, videos. There are some nice smileys and stickers that you can find only on the website version of Thai Friendly and not on the apps.

Messages list

Now with a free version you can only send one message every 10 minutes so try to make them a bit longer not just Hi or Hello. If you are a premium member then you can send as many as you like to as many girls as you like. But start as a free member first to see if you like the site or not.

Lists page:

Who liked and visited you

The lists page shows you activity on your account. You can see who visited your profile and also which profile you visited recently. Also who added you to favorites or showed interest in you. Here you can also find private notes you can type in a profile that only you can see to remind you about the girl. It is useful if you are a serial chatter and sometimes forget things the girls tell you 😀

Also here you can see Saved photos. A nice feature is that every photo you see you can click to save it and admire it later. So in this section all the photos that you want to see again are stored.

Auto Pilot:

So if you are a guy that likes to throw in a wide net and see what sticks this is for you. You can write a universal message and add a photo that you would like to mass send to many profiles.

You can again choose the profiles by search parameters like age and location and it won’t send to anybody you already talked to or blocked. It also messages only profiles with photos. This costs extra and you have to buy credits to send and the price depends on how many profiles would you like to send the message to.

I guess if you are in a quick need of a date tonight this could be a way to find someone quickly 😉

Thai Friendly pros and cons:

Overall in my experience most profiles are real and responsive. Honestly it is easy to find a quick date or a freelancer for a night but most of these profiles you can see it a mile away.

If it says something like “Only guys in Pattaya” or “let’s meet” or “freelance” in their profile then you know what they want. And nothing wrong with that. If you want something more serious and long lasting avoid those profiles.


  • Easy to signup
  • Clean and Easy to navigate
  • Can use the site as a free member even with the limitations
  • Most profiles are real
  • Lots of active members and not hard to get replies
  • Very detailed search function
  • Play section can be fun
  • Good for both hookups and long term relationships


  • Limited functions as a free members
  • Old looking design
  • Not many verified members

Thai Friendly Premium:

When you join Thai Friendly it is free to use but there are some limitations which are all removed with a premium membership.

The extra features you get with a premium membership are:

  • Unlimited messaging (free version limited to one every 10 minutes)
  • Can message popular profiles which you can’t as a free member
  • Advanced search (more search options are available)
  • Control you privacy (set your profile as offline or hide it)
  • Priority messages (your messages are always on top above free members)
  • Your profile is also listed above free members on the main page
  • You can see all the sections on the list page (who liked you or visited you)

Thai Friendly 2024 Premium Price *on the website*:

  • 1 month auto rebill each month until cancelled is $24.95
  • 3 month membership is $49.95 ($16.65 per month)
  • 6 month membership is $69.95 ($11.66 per month)
  • 1 year membership is $119.95 ($9.99 per month)

You can pay with a credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin or if you download the app you can pay with Apple/Google pay. *But i recommend you use the website to signup and upgrade because the pricing in the app is different and right now i can see that the EU price is 132.72 Euro for a year so ends up being much more than the website price which is fixed in US$ for everybody.

The memberships auto renew so if you paid with a credit card or PayPal and do not want to stay a premium member you should cancel it on time. You can cancel as soon as you join to make sure you don’t get charged again but don’t worry if you paid 30/90 days your premium membership will only expire after that time.

For best anonymity and privacy I recommend signing up on the website (not using the app when signing up) with the email option and paying with Bitcoin. It is the safest and most private way to join Thai Friendly and any other site.

Thai Friendly App:

There are both Android and iPhone apps that you can download from the Google Play store and the Apple App Store so you can use the apps on the go wherever you are.

I am using the iPhone app and it has a bit more modern design than the site and is easy to use. After you signup on the web and see that you like Thai Friendly you can go and download the app but I still prefer the site as the phone screen is small and the pictures and navigation is easier to see and use on the website also the pricing might be higher in your region.

Specially if you are a serial chatter I recommend the website 😀


I personally have been a member of Thai Friendly for years and I am a premium member and in short I would recommend trying it out. I have met some girls that I am still friends with years later.

Most girls are ready to engage into a conversation and are friendly. And there are always a lot of girls online even at night time.

If you want a casual date or friendship you can find that easy and quickly. If you plan to come to Thailand I recommend to join before coming and start chatting and later with the ones you like you can exchange other contact information like LINE to keep in touch easier.

Everybody in Thailand uses LINE by Naver so make sure you download and signup for that app as well if you want to take the relationship to the next level and meet up in real life.

For those thinking there are no real girls ready for long relationships on TF you are wrong. While those are harder to find that is a good thing. You want to form a friendship first and see that you connect before jumping into marriage or something like that.

But there are tons of success stories of people who met on Thai Friendly and I know a few plus some were willing to share their photos on the site so you can see that people actually find their soulmates online.

ThaiFriendly review successful relationships.

So head over to and try it out. Signup for a free account and who knows your soulmate or next date might be online right now.

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