Guide to Pattaya freelancers and prices

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Welcome back to the vibrant nightlife of Thailand! Sit back, grab a drink, and get ready to dive into the exciting nightlife scenes of Pattaya. Let’s explore the world of Pattaya freelancers, the best ways to find them, the rates they charge, and the top three favorite nightclubs in Pattaya, where you’ll find an abundance of freelancers eagerly waiting to spend the night with customers.

Walking street pattaya

Pattaya, a city located in Thailand is about 2 hours east of Bangkok and it’s a great place to visit if you got bored of Bangkok and need a change. Pattaya is renowned for its lively nightlife and adult entertainment industry and also knows as Sin City. Many visitors come to Pattaya specifically to experience this unique aspect of the city. However, it’s important to note that not all the women you see on the streets, in shops, restaurants, and on beaches are necessarily freelancers.

In fact, there are many women in Pattaya who are genuinely interested in dating or getting to know foreigners for reasons beyond financial gain. These women may be interested in learning about foreign cultures, practicing their language skills, or simply seeking companionship.

That being said, it is true that a significant number of women in Pattaya are freelancers who are willing to engage in intimate activities for a fee. While some travelers may view freelancers as a risky option due to concerns about sexually transmitted diseases or other issues, it’s important to recognize that this is not always the case. Freelancers choose to work independently rather than through a bar or brothel, allowing them to keep a larger share of their earnings.

For instance, if a freelancer charges a customer 1000 baht per night, she would likely have to charge at least 2000 baht if she were working through a bar, with the bar owner taking a cut of the earnings. As a result, many freelancers prefer to work independently as it allows them to make the same amount of money with less effort, and it provides them with greater freedom and flexibility.

While there is a prevalence of freelancers in Pattaya, it’s important to understand that not all workers in this industry operate in the same way. There are different types of freelancers, each with their own rates and practices. Now, let’s explore some of the ways to find freelancers in Pattaya.

Find freelancers online

One of the easiest options to find Pattaya freelancers is online. If you’re not a fan of clubbing or want to avoid the freelancers prowling the streets, fear not, as the internet provides a safe and effective way to meet Pattaya freelancers. Dating sites are not just for love and relationships; they also attract many freelancers.

These freelancers can be easily identified by their revealing clothing and provocative poses in their photos. Popular and reliable dating sites in Thailand include ThaiFriendly and the Tinder app. You will notice that on Tinder you are lucky to get a few matches a week while back in your country and while you are in Pattaya you can get dozens of matches per day. Same goes for Thai Friendly just make sure to set your location at Pattaya. You can check our Thai Friendly review.

To get started, create an honest profile and upload some of your best photos. From there, you can start reaching out to potential matches. Remember to have the Line app for better communication as Line is used by almost all Thai people.

If you’re looking for a more unique way to find freelancers in Pattaya, consider using the WeChat app. Similar to Line and WhatsApp, WeChat has a “Discover People Nearby” feature that can help you find freelancers in your area. By enabling location services, you can browse through profiles of nearby freelancers and send them private messages. This way, you can connect with freelancers without leaving your hotel room.

Meet freelancers in the street and prices

Another option is to pick up freelancers on the street. While Walking Street is the most famous area for freelancers, you can also find them on Beach Road and Soi Buakhao. If you see a freelancer who catches your eye, don’t hesitate to approach and start a conversation. Most freelancers prefer to get straight to the point, so there’s no need for lengthy discussions.

However, if you’re looking for a more girlfriend-like experience, you can negotiate terms and rates with the freelancer and even have them accompany you throughout your stay in Pattaya and show you around the tourist spots.

Pattaya freelancers on the beach

Now, let’s talk about some of the best places to pick up freelancers in Pattaya. Walking Street is a great starting point, and you can find freelancers there from 7pm until 5am. Between 7pm and 9pm, you may find freelancers willing to go for a short time for less than 1500 baht. After 9pm, most freelancers on Walking Street prefer long-time arrangements for more than 2000 baht.

Soi Buakhao is another popular area to find freelancers, especially in the afternoon when many Pattaya girls living in that area are out and about. The standard rate for freelancers in Soi Buakhao is around 1500 baht. Beach Road, along the palm tree-lined promenade, is also a great place to find freelancers 24/7, with the best time being from 7pm to 11pm.

The typical price for a short time with a Beach Road girl ranges from 1000 to 1500 baht. It’s important to note that freelancers in this area may engage in risky behavior, so caution is advised. Additionally, you’ll need to add an extra 500 baht for a short-time hotel room if you don’t want to take them to your hotel room.

Pattaya freelancers in nightclubs

Lastly, let’s discuss freelancers in Pattaya nightclubs. As a first-time visitor, you might think the girls in these clubs are just like any other girls having a good time. However, the majority of girls in Pattaya clubs are actually freelancers, enjoying their time with friends while waiting for potential customers. Roughly 90% of the girls in these clubs are freelancers.

Usually, freelancers in nightclubs offer all-night arrangements since customers typically recruit them after midnight. Prices for their services can vary from 1000 to 2000 baht, depending on the girl’s attractiveness and the customer’s appeal to her. During the high season from October to April, it can be challenging to find a freelancer in Pattaya, driving the rates up to a starting price of 2000 baht compared to freelancers found on Beach Road.

Freelancers in nightclubs are generally considered to offer better quality experiences and a more genuine girlfriend experience. However, customers need to be able to strike up a conversation and create a connection with these girls, as they are not solely motivated by money.

Lucifer Pattaya

While there are popular freelancer nightclubs like Lucifer Club, Marine Disco, and Club Insomnia, it’s essential to establish a connection and mutual attraction with the girls you’re interested in to increase your chances of success.

It’s also possible to bring home coyote girls who dance in the club, typically costing around 6000 baht, including the bar fine. However, in my opinion, these girls may not offer the best value for your money.

We hope you enjoyed this short guide to freelancers and nightlife in Pattaya. Remember to give this article a thumbs up below if you found it helpful, and share on social media. Thank you for reading.

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