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This is a submission about the guys who come to Thailand and live like Kings and fall in love with the first girl they meet in a bar.

Falling in love with a prostitute

I can’t believe some of the things I read on the internet. Sometimes I come across stories that are really hard to believe, even when I try to be open-minded. How can anyone trust a prostitute when it comes to love and their words? It’s hard to imagine that a prostitute could truly be in love. And the longer they work in the industry, the more likely they are to be deceitful.

Everyone wants to make money without putting in too much effort. That’s just how life is. If I could make more money with less work, I could have a better life for myself and my family. It seems like most of these “working girls” think the same way.

Imagine a guy who’s been surrounded by girls his whole life, women from all walks of life, from different social classes. This guy must have something special about him, whether it’s his looks, charm, or money. Maybe he’s the kind of guy who effortlessly attracts women.

During my brief experience with online dating, I always found it amusing how some men present themselves. Some guys are so full of themselves that they don’t even realize how ridiculous they look. If I were a girl, I would have some fun with them and turn them into my online playthings. It’s no surprise that some of these guys are the same ones who send money overseas to someone they’ve never met or have only known for a short time. To me, that’s totally unbelievable. They’re what we call “two-week millionaires.” Some of them are genuine and just looking for some fun and to hook up with as many people as they can. But there’s another side to it too. They start off as players but end up being played, trapped in a web spun by the very hookers they were fooling around with.

Being a two-week millionaire requires a strong mindset and discipline to avoid falling in love with the hookers. You need to have some sort of skill to resist their charms because some of them are truly beautiful and can easily captivate your heart. It’s especially easy to fall in love with them. And their bodies… some of them still look like teenagers even when they’re in their 30s or 40s.

But here’s the thing: some guys fall for the first girl they meet. Hookers are only interested in money for their services, not in socializing or finding love. They might spend some time with you to talk and understand you, but that’s it. Ultimately, they’re working to support their own lifestyle, which might not be the best. When you get involved with them, you’re stepping into a world where prostitution, organized crime, drug addiction, gambling problems, and absentee fathers are all intertwined.

You’re not just dating a hooker; you’re also taking on their life problems. It can be an emotional rollercoaster. I can’t even imagine being a part of such drama. I’ve read some stories online, and some guys make all sorts of mistakes, even when there are obvious warning signs everywhere.

Spending money is always enjoyable. Spending a lot of money can make you feel powerful, like you’re in control. In Thailand, though, you’re always in charge… of paying hefty bills. Some of these guys work all year just to have enough money to spend on booze and hookers in Thailand.

There’s nothing wrong with that; they’re entitled to spend their hard-earned money as they please. But what they fail to realize is that it’s a temporary escape from reality. Once the money runs out, they’re back to square one, facing the same mundane lives they were trying to escape from in the first place.

I’ve seen guys who become completely infatuated with these women, believing they can change them or rescue them from their circumstances. They become blinded by their own fantasies, ignoring the harsh reality of the situation. It’s a dangerous game to play, thinking that love can conquer all, especially in this context.

Love is a powerful emotion, and it can make people do irrational things. But it’s important to distinguish between genuine love and infatuation. True love is built on trust, respect, and mutual understanding. It goes beyond superficial appearances and materialistic desires. In the realm of prostitution, true love is hard to find, as the foundation of these relationships is often built on transactional exchanges.

The stories I’ve read are filled with heartbreak and disappointment. Many of these guys end up betrayed, financially drained, and emotionally shattered. They realize too late that they were just another customer in a long line of clients, and their feelings were never reciprocated. It’s a harsh reality that they have to come to terms with.

Don’t try to find love in gogo bars

So, if there’s one piece of advice I can give to those who find themselves drawn to the allure of these encounters, it’s to approach with caution. Understand the dynamics at play and the risks involved. Don’t let temporary pleasure cloud your judgment and lead you down a path of heartache. Remember that behind the façade of romance lies an industry driven by profit and exploitation.

Instead of seeking love in the wrong places, focus on building meaningful connections with people who value you for who you are, beyond material possessions or physical appearances. Look for genuine relationships where love is given freely, without any hidden agendas.

Thai woman

In the end, it’s not about judging those who choose to engage in these relationships, but rather encouraging a thoughtful and realistic approach. Love is a beautiful thing, but it should be nurtured in an environment of honesty, trust, and mutual respect.

I believe the best way to truly get to know someone and enjoy spending time with them is by searching in appropriate settings such as malls, restaurants, shops, and offices, among others. Even public transportation like the BTS or MRT can provide opportunities. However, it’s important to note that places like Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, or Patpong are not suitable for this purpose.

My dating site experience

Online dating sites can also be considered. Before my trip to Thailand for vacation, I found some interesting women on these sites, particularly on Thaifriendly.com. One person who left a lasting impression on me was a woman of Thai and Vietnamese descent. She worked in an office in the Sukhumvit area and seemed to have promising career prospects. She was saving money for her upcoming MBA in the US. She had fair skin and was attractive enough for someone to fall in love with. At that time, I had already made plans to visit Thailand, and upon my arrival, we decided to meet, but we didn’t rush things. It took me five days to make up my mind about meeting her.

Eventually, I decided to meet her, and we arranged to meet at Terminal 21. Setting up the date was quite easy. She arrived alone and on time, or perhaps just a few minutes late, which pleasantly surprised me when I reflect on how many people are usually late. We had a conversation despite her somewhat heavy accent, as her English skills were good enough. We went to Emporium Mall for dinner, which turned out to be enjoyable. We made plans to meet again the next day. She came to my hotel near Asoke intersection, and together we visited Chatuchak Market. Time passed effortlessly, without any pressure. She even treated me to a massage near her place in the Huay Khwang area.

It felt like a refreshing change. She was intelligent and good-looking, although not stunning. She seemed like a family-oriented girl and never pressured me to be her boyfriend, although at times, the way she looked at me made me think she was genuinely interested. She tried to initiate a kiss, but I felt it wasn’t the right time yet. By that time, I had already made plans to go to Phuket, and she had planned a trip to Hua Hin with her family. As time went on after I returned to my country, we lost contact. However, she will always be remembered as one of the most intriguing women I encountered in Thailand. It wasn’t love at first sight, but I believe that given more time, we could have built something meaningful.

In Phuket, I met another woman from the dating site. She was shorter and not the most attractive, although she had a nice physique. She wasn’t exactly my type, but we still had some enjoyable moments together. One thing that constantly frustrated me about her was her chronic lateness to our dates. She was always an hour or more late, which was incredibly annoying. I recall taking her to my hotel one night, where we engaged in some physical activity.

In the mornings, before she had to leave for work at a well-known furniture shop franchise, we always had breakfast together at the hotel. Then she would take me on her motorcycle to Patong Beach before going to Phuket Town. Life was good! She asked me a couple of times if I was serious about her, but I had no intention of pursuing anything serious with her. So, when she ended things, it was somewhat of a relief for me and allowed me to have fun with other women I met in Phuket during that time. I was having a great time and wasn’t committed to anyone.

The women were easygoing, and it seemed that if I decided to choose one, she would readily accompany me. Thailand seemed to have the most accessible opportunities for casual relationships, but at the same time, they were also deceptive. It often felt like I had a metaphorical hook in my mouth. In fact, whenever I was involved with any of those women, I didn’t feel like a free man, except perhaps with the first woman I met, the half Vietnamese lady. All the other women wanted to control and restrict me due to the presence of other women. They understood how the game worked and were always on the lookout for a good “farang” prospect to potentially become a future husband or boyfriend, or whatever they thought we represented to them.

Thai girlfriend or not?

Initially, the idea of having a Thai girlfriend intrigued me when I started visiting the country for vacations. However, I always found myself gravitating towards the most physically attractive women, which is not necessarily the best approach for finding a long-term partner. Consequently, I gave up on that idea. One significant factor that contributed to my decision was the glaring lack of intellectual curiosity concerning matters outside of Thailand.

Most of these women were primarily interested in their meals, their appearance, how they were perceived by others, and finding someone to support them. Another aspect that I found annoying was their tendency to live for the present moment, neglecting to consider the future and struggling to adapt to alternative lifestyles outside of Thailand. I witnessed similar cases in the European country where I currently reside. Some things, I suppose, will never change.

Therefore, whenever I see a foreigner proudly posing with a Thai woman, I often wonder what their future holds as life partners. If they choose to reside in Thailand with the financial support of the “farang,” it might be easier, and the man may receive eternal love as long as the money lasts. However, taking a Thai woman back to the Western world would be a challenging endeavor, involving a great deal of work and bureaucratic hurdles. Ultimately, would it be rewarding?

Observing certain men in bars from the outside, they might appear to be having the time of their lives, spending lavishly on their companions. To onlookers like myself, they often come across as foolish. Some of them seem to believe they are kings! Nevertheless, there is an inherent incongruity in seeing attractive women with overweight and unattractive men. The way these men dress says a lot about them.

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