Can you find nice girls in Thailand?

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Can you find nice girls in Thailand? That’s a question people often ask, but there isn’t a clear answer. Thailand is similar to any other country in this regard. First, let me point out some mistakes that foreigners make when they visit Thailand. Many of them go on vacation for a few weeks, go to bars for a night or two, and assume that all Thai girls are available for money. That’s not true. Think about your own country. In the US or UK, for example, there’s a small percentage of women involved in certain types of work, but the majority are decent and normal. It’s the same in Thailand. It’s completely wrong to assume that every woman in Thailand is working in that industry. I’ve talked to Thai women about this, and they find it more ignorant than offensive. They laugh it off and say those who believe it are simply uninformed.

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Let me share some numbers with you. Thailand’s population is about 70 million, and the World Health Organization estimates that the total number of people involved in the sex trade in Thailand is less than 150,000. This includes bars, massage parlors, and everything else. So you can see that it’s a very small percentage of the country’s population. As I mentioned before, it’s important not to go to Thailand assuming that all women are available for money.

Where can you find nice girls in Thailand?

It’s a difficult question, and there isn’t a definitive answer. Just think about your own country. Where would you find nice girls? Certainly not in go-go bars or beer bars. Some people might say that they met someone in those places and have been happily married for years, but those cases are exceptions. If you rely on going to places like Pattaya and hoping for luck, you’re taking a big gamble. It’s like betting on a horse with no chance of winning the race. It’s not a good idea to try and find a girlfriend in a beer bar or go-go bar. For every good story there are dozens or hundreds that ended up in a disaster.

I know many of my stories have negative outcomes, and these stories are based on real experiences from guys who have them online. Unfortunately, most of these guys have dated bar girls, and that’s how those stories end. They are negative and in many cases scary and dangerous stories. When it comes to meeting nice Thai girls, one of the biggest obstacles you’ll face is the language barrier. When you go to places like Nana Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4 or Soi cowboy, it’s tempting to get into a relationship with someone because many of these girls speak good English and are very fun as long as you have money to splurge. It’s convenient because there’s no language barrier. Bar girls learn English from their customers and on the other end those who can speak good English are highly educated and often already have Thai husbands who are also highly educated or have good jobs, such as lawyers or bankers. So the chances of meeting someone like that are unlikely, though not impossible.

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What are your other options then? Well, there are more opportunities in Thailand compared to countries like the UK, America, or Australia. Thai girls are generally open to dating foreigners. However, there is a cultural difference that you should keep in mind, and the language barrier remains a major challenge. Despite these obstacles, there are still plenty of opportunities to meet girls. You can find them working in shopping malls, new restaurants, or anywhere a Thai person works. My advice is that there is no definitive answer, but don’t try to find them in beer bars or Nana Plaza. Nice Thai girls can be found all over Thailand. Like I mentioned before, shopping malls and places where Thai people work are good options. If a girl is working in a touristy area, she likely has basic English skills because many of her customers are foreigners. You have an opportunity with those types of girls, but you need to approach it like you would in your own country. If you see a girl regularly, such as at a shop where you buy books or at a coffee shop, take it slow and feel things out. Maybe ask her out on a date. It’s no different from dating in your own country.

There are dating sites like ThaiFriendly where anyone can join and a lot of girls are freelancers or bar girls but there are also a lot that are normal girls with normal jobs. Lastly, there are also dating agencies where you pay matchmakers to find you someone. I don’t have much to say about them just that larger dating agencies often have girls who have worked or are still working in bars and are looking to meet someone to get out of that industry. There are some nice girls in these agencies, but you need to be cautious. If a girl doesn’t speak much English and has a child from a previous bad marriage, it’s probably safer to assume she’s a decent girl. However, if you meet a girl from a dating agency who speaks fluent English, be cautious and take your time.

I hope you find this information useful and let me know if you have any ideas where to find nice Thai girls.

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