Foreigners on short term visas (Tourist) told they need to leave by September 26th

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Thai immigration officials have been very clear this time that all Foreigners here on short term visas like the 30-day visa-exempt entry (no visa) or the 60-day tourist visa have to leave Thailand by September 26th and that there will be no more amnesty extensions. Anyone not gone by then will face fines, detention, and deportation.

There is a possibility of another 30-day extension but only considered case by case if you are ill or if your embassy can provide a letter and you should contact your nearest immigration office early and not wait last minute as there is a good chance flights will be overbooked and getting out will be impossible making your stay illegal after September 26th.

1. Short-term visa holders (tourist visa, transit visa, visa on arrival) and those granted visa exemption have to prepare to depart the Kingdom by September 26, except if the following reasons apply:

1.1 In case of illness:

– Bring a medical certificate to contact a local immigration office

1.2 In case of having other obstacles such as no flights available or having an outbreak situation:

– Contact an embassy or consulate to issue a letter of confirmation and request for a temporary stay and bring it to the local immigration office. Each permission will be granted for not more than 30 days.

Long term visa holders must do their extensions by September 26th and an extension will be effective from September 27th so you won’t lose any days on your extensions if you go in early which is recommended.

Also everyone should do their 90 day notifications from August 1st to 31st so if you haven’t done one since March and you have been in Thailand longer than 90 days do it in August to avoid fines.

So long term visa holder extend your visas or leave before September 27th ad short term visa holders you are not welcome anymore and get out before September 27th.

Returning to Thailand as tourist will most likely not be possible until December or even later if the situation gets worse.

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