NCB discusses making cannabis illegal again

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Thailand’s Narcotics Control Board which is headed by Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam is meeting on Tuesday, 22nd of November 2022 to discuss the cannabis legalization opponents proposal to make the plan and illegal Narcotic once again.

Since June 2022 Cannabis has been decriminalized in Thailand but there are still many opponents to this decision and they have been stalling the final laws and looking how to completely ban the plant again. Their latest move is to meet with the Narcotics Control Board and try to convince them that the decision should be overturned and to make it an illegal narcotic again.

If this happen it could immediately be illegal in Thailand to posses, sell and grow it which would mean the closing of hundreds of new businesses and dispensaries that opened in the last few month and seem to pop up faster then 7-11s. This would also put out of business main Thai farmers who have been growing it since the legalization.

The opponents of the legalization’s reasons are danger to youth, widespread use for recreational purposes not just medical and religious reasons to once again ban cannabis in Thailand and make it illegal.

You can read the full story on the Pattaya News website.

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