The third phase of lockdown easing most likely starting from June 1st

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The third out of four phases of the lockdown easing is set to take effect on June 1st 2020 but only after five procedures are done.

Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin, the CCSA spokesman has announced that the five procedures would start from May 23rd and go until May 31st. The first part, on May 23rd and 24th, is a collection of information on the Covid-19 situation by officials before they approve with the lockdown relaxation.

“The officials will hold a meeting on May 25th and 26th, and, on May 27th another meeting will be held by the specialized committee to consider whether the lockdown needs to be eased or not.”

The decision on the third phase will be made at the CCSA meeting on May 29th, and would start on June 1st, he said.

Taweesin added that it has still not been decided which exact businesses would be allowed to resume in this phase but they would not be high-risk venues like night clubs and bars. Right now places that sell food and beverage, malls, supermarkets, retail and convenience stores, banks, salons, beauty clinics, parks, pharmacies, and government organizations have been allowed to reopen last Sunday.

Some of the businesses that remain closed are zoos, amusement parks, and water parks, game centers, exhibition centers, schools, spas, massage parlors, tattoo shops, and boxing camps.

These might be included in the third phase of opening but no night life venues.

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