Thailand discussing waiving quarantine for selected travelers

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Thai Authorities have been discussing waiving the 14-day quarantine requirements for some foreign visitors by identifying low-risk areas in Thailand and low-risk countries and linking those tourists with low-risk areas in Thailand and allow them to stay in those areas without any quarantine requirements.

Incoming flights have been banned until June 30th and any passengers allowed to disembark like Thais returning from overseas and state, military or humanitarian flights are subject to a 14-day quarantine.

Thailand Government plans to make arrangements with these low-risk countries to implement hygiene and travel safety measures in both countries and to agree on entry formalities to allow such travel between these countries and to arrange the travelers to go directly to the low-risk areas in Thailand like islands which are “compact” tourist areas and allow them to travel freely which will be easier to manage than other more dense and open areas.

For now Thailand plans to encourage and stimulate local tourism as International travel is expected to take a longer time to recover and be of little significance to the Tourism industry in the next few months so local tourism is encouraged to show that Thailand is able to manage the virus situation.

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