Thailand considers a 300 THB “Pandemic insurance” tax on all arrivals

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Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

Thai tourism authority announced this week that it plans to charge all visitors to Thailand a premium to pay for mandatory travel insurance.

The amount per person should be not more than 300 THB per visit to the country which could bring in up to 12 billion baht annually if the number of visitors recovers and meets the targets set by the government before the current virus pandemic.

If the fee gets approved by the Thai Cabinet it would likely be added to the price of the air ticket as an additional tax while visitors to the Kingdom by sea and land would most likely have to pay the fee at the border or port of entry. The government spokesman said it was mainly to reduce the problem with the virus and treatment of foreigners while visiting the kingdom without proper insurance.

This would not be comprehensive travel insurance as visitors should still have extra travel insurance from a reputable insurance company. This 300 THB fee should cover holidaymakers from cancellations, loss of personal belongings, and emergency medical treatment while a pre-existing condition or claiming against an unapproved medical condition can render the insurance nonvalid.

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