Thai glamour model Ghanda Suriyamanee apologizes for sex toy video

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Thai glamour model Ghanda Suriyamanee

Another Thai glamour model is in hot water for her online shenanigans like many before her. Ghanda Suriyamanee has apologized for the video that surfaced online of her in different locations in Bangkok participating in a bizarre sex toy prank

26-year-old Ghanda Suriyamanee caused outrage among the netizens after she was seen on a video using a small sex toy egg with a remote. She was first pictured in a car inserting the toy into her intimate area and then walking around in Bangkok.

Ghanda Suriyamanee with the sex toy and remote

The guy filming all this has the remote control for the device and while following her around he activates the toy while she reacts. She can be seen in a tuk-tuk, visiting a market and doing some shopping and having lunch at a cafe.

Ghanda Suriyamanee in tuk tuk

Obviously this was met with strong criticism in a conservative Thailand. Police have received complaints from the public about the video and they have identified the woman shown doing these things. She was identified as a Thai glamour model that was also featured in Maxim and some other high profile advertising campaigns.

Ghanda Suriyamanee then presented herself at the Cyber crime police unit and apologized for the prank and said that it was not real and she was just acting. She also said she was paid 11,000 THB to do the video as a sex toy advert and she accepted without fully knowing what was expected from her.

Later on, she said she regretted it and she now understands it set a bad example for children and promised never to do it again.

She was issued a warning and let go.

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3 thoughts on “Thai glamour model Ghanda Suriyamanee apologizes for sex toy video”

  1. I don’t understand? So if you become successful in Thailand you’re supposed to be a perfect human being? This is how idiots drive celebrities to suicide.

    How much time do these idiots have on their hand to make actual complaints about an old video. Thailand has much more important issues to focus on like poverty and corruption. Why do the police even entertain this nonsense?

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