Massage parlour operators protest for reopening of their shops

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Earlier this week several massage parlour owners have urged the government to allow them to open as them and their workers are desperate to work and earn an income.

As cosmetic surgery clinics have been allowed to open the protestors said that there is no difference between the two as both businesses deal with human bodies. They also mentioned that many massage shops have already closed for good as they could not afford to keep paying the costs while having no income.

The Thai government has said in a report that in 2019 there were about 25,000 massage therapists of the traditional Thai massage craft nationwide.

With the opening of some businesses, there has been a suggestion that massage parlours open but to only allow treating the lower parts of the body under the waist which does not seem to make much sense but the workers are hoping that something will happen soon as many can’t even afford to pay for their basic needs like food or pay rent and other bills.

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