Curfew is lifted, most things open but no nightlife venues

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So phase four of lifting COVID 19 restrictions is here. Curfew has been lifted so you can finally go to Foodland at 1 am to get that cake ingredient you forgot to buy for your late-night baking creation.

Most businesses in Thailand have been allowed to open from Monday, June 15th but nightlife businesses like pubs, bars, and karaoke venues have to remain closed and there is still a ban on international incoming travel except for some foreigners who have a work permit, diplomats and others who need to first get permission to enter before even boarding and then have to go into self-paid 14-day quarantine on arrival. Costs for these government-appointed hotels go from 35,000 THB to 144,000 THB. Not sure what is the point in paying the 144k price if you are locked in your room anyway and you can’t enjoy the hotel amenities that 5-star hotels offer.

There are some mentions about easing these restrictions from July 1st and allowing foreigners with families here to arrive and also to create so-called travel bubbles where tourists from some countries could arrive but would have to also remain in certain parts of Thailand and would not be allowed to move freely within the country.

Schools are scheduled to open on July 1st so if you have kids you should use the next 2 weeks to take them to just reopened amusement parks and water parks but bouncy castles and ball pits are a no go. Or maybe take your girlfriend to a restaurant where you can now enjoy a nice bottle of wine which was not allowed last week.

You can also freely fly around the country or use buses and trains to travel between provinces.

Just don’t go to Wat Pho in Bangkok as it has implemented a racist policy of no foreigners allowed so if you don’t look Thai don’t bother going there. There has also been one bus company that would not allow foreigners to use their buses quoting some made-up government policy but they seem to have given up on that racist rule.

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