Ryan White, 17-yo British Teen Runs Away to Pattaya

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In a rather unexpected turn of events, Ryan White, a 17-year-old from Gateshead, United Kingdom, embarked on an impromptu journey to the lively streets of Pattaya, Thailand. This captivating story of a wayward teenager and the frantic efforts of his worried family back home serves as a cautionary tale for other adolescents considering similar escapades.

Pattaya walking street at night Ryan White

On May 12, Ryan arrived in bustling Bangkok, seemingly eager to break free from the confines of adolescence and embrace the thrill of the unknown. Little did his family know that his true destination was the notorious city of Pattaya, infamous for its adult entertainment rather than its cultural landmarks or museums.

When Ryan’s family discovered that he had ventured into the tantalizing streets of Pattaya instead of exploring temples in Bangkok, panic ensued in Gateshead. The Whites, determined to bring their beloved minor back safely, launched a passionate online campaign, even offering a 10,000 baht (£234) reward for his return. Their heartfelt pleas reverberated through social media, accompanied by constant reassurances that Ryan was deeply loved, regardless of his actions.

Ryan’s aunt, Kimberley, played a pivotal role in spearheading the Facebook campaign, rallying support and triggering a search and rescue mission reminiscent of a suspenseful movie plot. Her impassioned appeal to detain the wayward teen, coupled with an earnest call for information from Pattaya residents and visitors, showcased the desperate state of Ryan’s family.

Pattaya’s reputation as a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah only intensified the family’s distress. Over 1000 Facebook users shared the family’s post and eventually he was found to be safe.

Sadly, similar incidents involving unsuspecting travelers finding themselves in precarious situations have occurred in recent years, not just in Pattaya but throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia. Online scams and unintentional ventures into unsavory areas have raised concerns and heightened vigilance among travelers.

Fortunately, the Whites’ anguish came to an end when news broke that Ryan had been found safe. Swift arrangements were made for his return to the United Kingdom, where an eager and relieved crowd of family members awaited his arrival, likely accompanied by a few stern lectures on responsible travel.

This tale of a teenage runaway in Pattaya serves as a reminder of the potential risks that uninformed and ill-prepared travelers may encounter in foreign lands. It underscores the importance of vigilance, both on an individual level and within the broader community, to ensure the safety of all in an increasingly interconnected world.

The story of Ryan’s journey to Pattaya stands as a cautionary tale for hormonally charged teenagers seeking adventure. The Whites from Gateshead can undoubtedly attest that a quick vacation in Pattaya is not the most advisable path for young individuals to explore their newfound freedom. To all prospective adventurers out there, remember that while exotic escapades may hold allure, home will always be the place where the heart (and sometimes discipline) reside.

Pattaya at night view

It is worth mentioning that Thailand’s popularity as a travel destination may make it an attractive choice for runaway teenagers, despite the potential dangers that may lurk within its borders.

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