Actresses file a complaint of social media sexual harassment

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Actresses Patsita “Grace” Athianantasak, Pimpawee “Toon” Khokrabin and Nattharinee “Mink” Gannasutra

The three actresses have accused an unknown individual of online sexual harassment on Facebook. They visited the Technology Crime Suppression Division on May 14th.

Nattharinee claims that the individual messaged her via Facebook and offered 1.2 million THB for having sex with him three times a month. Unclear if this was a one time or ongoing monthly payment offer. He also tried to video call her frequently even after she blocked him as he used several fake accounts and said he will continue to do so until she agrees to his terms.

Pimpawee said she was also harassed in the same way but this time on Instagram and he offered her 1 million to have sex with him.

Patsita claimed that he had messaged her on FB and wanted her to send him used panties and her pubic hair.

The three actresses suspect that it was the same person contacting all three of them as all messages came from an account with the same name. They reached out to the man and he claimed that his information was stolen to make these accounts. He also presented himself to the Technology Crime Suppression Division to give a statement.

In Thailand, sexual harassment is a violation that is punishable by a maximum of one month in prison and a 10,000 THB fine while creating a fake social media account is punishable by up to five years in prison and 100,000 THB fine.

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