Waiting for a refund on your Thai airways ticket? It will take a while

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Thai Airways has announced on their website that it will resume flight operations in July but if you were on one of the canceled flights and are waiting for a refund it might take 6 months to get one as THAI has admitted that debt rehabilitation will keep it from refunding customers for the unused tickets.

They have announced on Thursday that they will be unable to offer any refunds on tickets as the banckupcy law prevents them from offersing refunds at this time. But they “promised” to refund the money within six month without any extra fees.

The Covid-19 world pandemic has forced Thai Airways to ground all its flights for months. Unconditional refunds have been one way offered to customers or they could also postpone travel dates without any extra charge or exchange already bought tickets for travel vouchers of equal value.

The airline promised to continue to take care of their customers holding all valid tickets and members of the Royal Orchid Plus, Thai Airways loyalty programme.

The airline said it is very confident it will beat the odds and overcome the current crisis and emerge stronger a the other end.

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