TAT plans to rebrand the “Amazing Thailand” slogan as tourists expected to return

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Thailand’s Tourism Authority plans to rebrand its famous “Amazing Thailand” slogan to the new “Amazing Trusted Thailand” campaign.

Part of the re-branding will be to put health and safety at the front of the new promotional campaigns with the aim to build confidence among foreign tourists who are thinking about visiting Thailand. After the scare the Covid-19 pandemic has spread around the world, Thailand has been hailed as a country that managed the situation very well and now TAT plans to campaign on that.

“Thailand You Trust” is a slogan that will also be used and it will be focused on three key selling points:

  • Thailand’s effective public health system that managed the crisis well
  • Thai food and culture which is already world-famous
  • The hospitality of Thai people and Thailand’s natural beauty

The tourism campaign will proceed in three phases.

First is the easing of the restrictions currently in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

The second will take place from June and it involves targeting potential tourists with promotional campaigns but only those from countries that are no longer at risk and are regarded as having the virus under control. Then tourists from these countries will be matched with regions in Thailand that have not reported any new COVID cases for at least 4 weeks.

Among the first of the destinations could be Koh Samui which will be ready to welcome foreign tourists as it would be easier to monitor arrivals and implement a quarantine if needed.

The third and final phase would be to allow tourists to come to Thailand under the “new normal” which emphasizes health and safety with a high quality of service. This third phase would mainly target high-end international tourists and Thailand would promote itself as a destination for health tourism.

TAT Governor said that the aim is to have tourists come back to Thailand in October 2020 but that also depends on the situation and the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health.

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