90-year-old Hamako Mori is the world’s oldest Youtube gamer

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90yo Hamako Mori plays GTA

Japanese woman from Tokyo built a substantial cult following on YouTube watching her play video games. What is special about her? She just turned 90 years old and is officially the oldest YouTube gamer.

Hamako Mori is also known as Gamer Grandma to her 250k subscribers on YouTube. She started playing 39 years ago and launched a Youtube channel in 2015 and posts several videos a month in which she plays games and even unboxes new gaming consoles.

Her most favorite game is Grand Theft Auto V.

“After living for this long, I feel more than ever that playing games for this long was the right choice. I am truly enjoying my life — it’s rosy,” Mori said in a media release from Guinness World Records.

She maintains her sharp sense of humor in her YouTube videos and also offers a candid up close on her life as a 90-year-old gamer.

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