Nine Thais that flew on repatriation flight from London arrived with a fever

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On a recent repatriation flight, Eva air BR068, 264 Thai passengers have arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport from London. All were submitted to initial screenings and 9 Thais on the flight were rushed to the hospital due to high fever.

The rest of the passengers were transported to government quarantine facilities as all arrivals are obliged to compulsory 14-day quarantine on arrival. Government designated facilities include Jomtien Palm beach hotel in Chonburi with Movenpick hotel and Qui hotel in Bangkok.

There are thousands of Thai people still stuck overseas and getting back to Thailand is a problem as there is a daily allowed limit of arriving passengers and the passengers have to pay themselves for the overpriced return flights as all of their previous booked flights have long been cancelled.

Only Thai citizens are allowed on these repatriation flights as all international arrival flights have been banned until the end of June.

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