Ban on international flights landing extended until June 30th

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The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand has announced that the ban on arriving international flights has been extended until June 30th, 2020. This means that if there are no more extensions the earliest any foreigners can arrive and be allowed entry into Thailand is in July.

The ban was due to expire on 31st of may but now it has been extended an extra month. Exceptions to this include Military aircraft, emergency landing, technical landing without disembarkation, humanitarian aid, medical and relief flights, and cargo flights.

Thai nationals are still allowed to enter on repatriation flights but these flights are quite expensive and there is a daily quota of allowed entries which is at 300 and all arrivals need to be quarantined for 14 days.

This extension of the ban means no foreigners are allowed to fly to Thailand no matter if you work here, are married to a Thai, or have a child here. Nobody can enter until the ban is lifted.

For those stuck in Thailand please contact your embassy to check about flights back to your home country. These flights are very expensive as the airlines now have to fly empty to Bangkok. If you wish to stay in Thailand the visa amnesty has been extended until July 31st.

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