Is it the end of Bangkok weed vans, smoking in cafes and selling flowers online?

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Seems Thailand isn’t too happy about the Bangkok weed vans and the mass marijuana business with everybody smoking it when and how they want. You can go for a walk buy it from a van at Soi 11, you can order it online from weed shops or just from Shopee. Also smoke it in the 100s of weed cafes that have opened in the last few months. At first it was not allowed but after a while people starting to push it to see how far they can go.

And it seems it didn’t go unnoticed as of November 11th the regulations have been changed a bit to try an rein in the weed party that has swept all over Thailand. I know all the people I know have started using it, smoking it or eating it or are thinking about it since the removal of the drug from the narcotics list earlier this year on June 9th.

So vehicles like vans that are selling marijuana are not legal anymore as all businesses selling it have to have a license and operate in a fixed premises which obviously vans are not. And if you took a walk down Sukhumvit soi 11 recently you can see that this will affect many people as the sidewalks have been taken by some dozen vans all selling flowers which are the issue now.

Bangkok weed vans

Also flower that contain the most THC should not be put in food and if any other part of the plant is put in food it should be clearly labeled and customer can actually report and prosecute restaurant and business owners over this and have a right to complain over the smell smoking spreads around.

So no more vans, no more caffes where you can smoke it on premises and if you do only if for medical purposes. This does kinda sound like the original rules but hey This is Thailand 😉

Also the selling online is being limited as no advertising is allowed online or in the shops and if they do break this rule their licenses will be revoked. A bit like it is with advertising alcohol. How this will affect all the online sellers we will have to wait and and see. There has been over 5000 licenses issued so far and a lot of money invested in these shops and farms.

Just never forget before investing a lot of money in Crypto or in any business in Thailand do it only if it is money you are willing to lose as the rules and regulations can change at a moments notice.

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