Immigration confirms second auto visa extension until July 31st 2020

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Update: Even with the current easing of restrictions in Thailand this visa amnesty is staying in place until July 31st 2020.

After the first visa amnesty was announced in April to help out foreigners stranded in Thailand avoid long lines and potential spread of Covid-19 at immigration offices which allowed foreigners to stay in Thailand until April 30th 2020 without visiting immigration and no need to extend their visas Thai government and immigration has announced an extension of this amnesty.

Now Immigration has announced that the amnesty would be extended by a further three months which came as a pleasant surprise to the foreigners still in Thailand.

The Immigration Bureau also confirmed on social media that foreigners in Thailand do not need to extend their visas or carry out 90 day reports between now and July 31.

There are also no overstay fines during this period. The immigration offices in Thailand will still be open for long term stayers with marriage or retirement extensions. With no crowds these should take much less time now too.

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