No sex for a month for coronavirus survivors

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A senior medical expert at the Disease Control Department Veerawat Manosutthi said that Coronavirus survivors should wait a month before they get “intimate” as the semen of recovering might carry the virus.

A study in China examined the semen of 39 men who had the coronavirus. 23 of the patients were recovering and 2 of them had the virus in their semen. Even though the sample size was small and the researchers said more study is needed they considered it noteworthy.

The study continues to say that more research should be done about the sexual transmission of the virus and how long the virus remains active in the saliva of the recovering patients and they also warn that survivors should hold off on kissing as the virus could be transmitted through the mouth even after they have recovered.

Those that can’t wait a whole month using common sense is advised and to to use a condom to protect themselves from the coronavirus and any other sexually transmittable viruses and bacteria.

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