Most Thais want to keep the “dangerous” clubs and pubs closed

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A Nida Poll strongly suggested that Thais, fearing a second wave of cases due to the coronavirus pandemic, are strongly in favor or keeping bars and pubs shut. In fact, more than three quarters said to keep them closed with less than a fifth in favor of opening.

The poll asked 1,259 people nationwide their opinions under a banner of “Freedom vs Health”. The poll was conducted from 11th to 13th May before some changes were enacted.

Some 78.87% chose health over freedom when it came to bars, pubs, clubs, and discos.  They cited such places as dangerous dens where close proximity would lead to a resurgence of the virus with potential health problems for non-drinkers.

Only 18.03% said open the bars again.

Asked about ending the emergency decree 35.98% agreed strongly with ending it citing freedom of movement.

But 15.17% thought it should remain in place.

Regarding the curfew 41.22 thought it should stay in place but timings should be changed.

They wanted to see the pandemic 100% over first.

Some 33.68% – many of them night workers – wanted it stopped.

Just over 40% were in favor of keeping the 10pm to 4am timing (it has now changed to 11-4am).

Source: Sanook

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